Our early years provision was recently recognised as a strength of the school. Here are the main points from the early years section of the report:

'Over time, the number of children achieving a good level of development has been above average. This is because children benefit from good provision, strong teaching and a high level of personal attention.'

'Children are well behaved. This is because good habits and routines are established early. As a result, children know how to keep themselves safe, indoors and out, treat each other kindly and participate in activities harmoniously. For example, the lead inspector observed a group of girls in Reception happily engaged in role play together while unsupervised. The children led their own learning because they were calm and focused on the activity.'

'Children’s needs are well understood. This is because accurate assessment of their abilities when they enter the school, complemented by regular, ongoing assessment, provides staff with the information they need.'

'Early years staff benefit from the support and expertise provided by the multi-academy trust. Their training needs have been identified and are being met, for example through training in improving guided writing and tackling disadvantage.'

'The Reception teacher and nursery staff liaise effectively to ensure that there is a smooth transition for children as they move up the school. Frequent communication between staff and discussion of children’s needs mean that children feel comfortable and safe moving up to Reception.'

'Parents are involved in their child’s learning through use of the school’s online assessment system. This tool ensures that parents play an active part in following closely, and contributing to, their child’s progress.'

'Lines of accountability between trust and school leaders and early years staff are not clearly identifiable. This means that, currently, there is limited long-term strategic planning in place. This hinders early years staff from realising fully the potential of the provision. Nevertheless, children’s outcomes are good because provision supports their development well.'

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Baking bread

14 May 2021

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Cheese Scones

14 May 2021

Today we made cheese scones. We carefully weighed out the flour and butter and mixed these together. We then grated the cheese and mixed this in and then added the milk to bring it together into a dou...

Little Acorns

28 Jan 2021

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Little Acorns - Autumn

20 Sep 2020

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Nursery Rhyme Week

21 Nov 2019

Today we have been learning the rhyme row, row, row your boat. We have enjoyed making our own boats with recyclable materials and seeing if they sink or float in the water. We have enjoyed singin...

Nursery Rhyme Week

19 Nov 2019

This week we are celebrating nursery rhyme week. Today's nursery rhyme is Incy wincy spider we have enjoyed learning and singing the rhyme. We have practised our cutting, cutting out a spider web and...

Nursery Rhyme Week

19 Nov 2019

Today we have been learning the rhyme baa baa black sheep.  The children have enjoyed making sheep cupcakes and painting sheep pictures. 

Number Walk

18 Oct 2019

Today in little acorns went on a number walk around the village we found lots of numbers on signs, houses, on the road and in the post office. 

Colour Exploration

18 Oct 2019

This week we have been exploring colour and learning how we can change colour. The children have explored colour in the shaving foam and mixing colours on there hands.  {! sz_gallery_by_id; 22 !...

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit

10 Oct 2019

This morning the children had a visit from Axe valley wildlife park.  The children had the opportunity to touch and hold some of the animals. The snake felt 'soft' 'The tortoise felt good' 'the m...